A Celebration of the Vine

When you think of the term “wine country”, I bet the last place you’re dreaming about is Virginia. But if you’re a wine lover like me, then this up and coming wine region should be on the top of your to-visit list.

Virginians are extremely proud of their wine. So much that they have festivals celebrating these vines and their juices. If you like live music, outdoor markets and drinking mass amounts of wine, then I don’t think I’m going to need to do much to convince you here.

Making a day of it, we (my mom and I) thought what better way to start this celebration than at the beginning of the wine making process. So we made our way to the New Kent Winery. I chose this winery for two reasons. Convenience and architecture. Both being very important qualities of a vineyard in my book.

You may be thinking, I should have gone when the grapes were full. I think we all know what grapes look like, but not all of us have seen baby grapes! I think they look like little green raspberries. How precious!

The main building is a huge part of the beauty and intrigue of the New Kent Winery. Over 90% of this breathtaking structure is made from reclaimed materials, much of it dating over a century old. Pieces of history brought together to create something that feels vintage and lived in. The architecture welcomes you before the staff even gets the chance.

Everything from the bricks to the door knobs is taken from the ruins of once standing central buildings.

Nothing better than a great porch. I could go on and on about all of the amazingly well thought out detail in the porch alone, but its just not the same as standing there while learning about it. You will just have to come see for yourself.

Pieces of the Tasting Room.

The staff and our tour guide were extremely friendly, giving me tips on the best spots to get good photos. Their professional yet laid back attitudes really made us feel at home, making for a very relaxing and enjoyable experience. The wine might have helped too.

The production room holds barrels and ice cold vats filled with wine.

The highlight of this room is the gorgeous wooden beam ceiling structure.

My favorite aspect of the New Kent Winery was that they encourage you to bring a picnic lunch to enjoy on their back porch. On a warm sunny day this would make for an amazing lunch date. I plan on doing just that in the very near future.


Next we met up with my sister and made our way to the Chesterfield Wine Festival, “A Celebration of the Vine”. And a celebration it was.

It’s a great feeling to be wandering through a market with a glass of wine. You can mark down your favorite bottles as you taste, then make your purchases at the end of the festival. I should warn you, the favorites often go quick, so some bottles you should buy while they are still available. We did that multiple times, therefore ended up leaving with 9 bottles. Don’t judge.

Then there was a dance party. Conveniently, the concert area was located at the end of the wine tent path. At that point you are pretty toasted and ready to enjoy some good music.

After endless drinking and strolling in the hot sun, its nice to have a good patch of grass to sit and relax in the shade.

This is why you DON’T wear white to a wine festival. Though despite the obvious stain she still manages to look fabulous.

Interested in visiting the New Kent Winery? Check out their website at www.newkentwinery.com.

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4 responses to “A Celebration of the Vine”

  1. reallyrisa says :

    I seriously love the Fontes ladies. Next time I want an invite!

  2. westerner54 says :

    So interesting. And you’re right…Virginia does not come to mind when I think of wine!

  3. Dee says :

    looks like you guys had a fabulous time…love the tour, making me want to hit the road!

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