Cloudy, with a chance of schnitzel.

I have to admit this weeks choice was not very thought out. Being a bit distracted I chose somewhere close by. I had not done much research, but knew it was a water town, which meant it was garaunteed to be different than what I’ve shown you thus far. On top of that it was a pretty rainy weekend, so the pictures may be a little gray for your liking, but I like to think this town works well with that type of backdrop. So let’s get to it, shall we?

Portsmouth. What I had expected to be a dainty little fishing village, turned out to be an epicenter of American naval culture. I’ll start with the drive. The point in which I realized gray was going to be a theme this week.

There are a number of peninsulas in southern Virginia. From where I live, you have to go through a Bridge and Tunnel to get to the Portsmouth area.

Upon arrival the first thing we clearly wanted to do was check out the waterfront. We pretty much just stayed in one spot, parking along the main downtown street and walking down to the small marina. We sort of weren’t sure what to expect. Both being in glum moods, no thanks to the weather, we just wandered about taking pictures here and there.

And then we saw it. Coming in from the harbor was the cutest little river boat, paddlewheel and all. Discovering it was a ferry, we decided to hop on, unsure exactly where it would go.

Maybe it’s because I grew up around stuff like this, but being in such a naval/ marina type atmosphere is just so calming.

After a relaxing boat ride across the water to Norfolk we decided to go check out a beer garden that we spotted on the main street on our way in. We actually never went inside the restaurant, instead sitting out in the adorable garden patio. It was absolutely perfect, pulling us out of Portsmouth and into a little city oasis. The food and beer selection only made the experience better.

Did I mention the beer? For the record I had a Duvel and my sister had a Val Dieu. Delicious.

I mean I’m no connoiseur, but based off of what I do remember from my visit to Germany,  I think this restaurant is the real deal. The schniztel was amazing and that pickled cucumber salad that you see on the bottom right forced me to not hate pickles so much. And for someone who has despised pickles for the last 23 years, that’s saying alot about the quality of their cucumber salad.

We had no expectations for our trip on this rainy weekend, so it was a nice surprise to stumble on a few things that still gave us a chance to enjoy the outdoors. I think that’s how any good adventure works. The planned ones are never as fun as the ones that come as a surprise. If you can learn anything from this weeks post, it’s to give the rainy day a chance, and keep your options open for a few spontaneous happenings.

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2 responses to “Cloudy, with a chance of schnitzel.”

  1. Scott says :

    Well done. Now i want schnitzel

  2. Dee says :

    cool…as many times as I’ve driven to Virginia Beach, I’ve never had the urge to tour around Portsmouth and it is so very close….now you got me itching! Glad you were able to enjoy your rainy weekend!

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