Down by the River

To say Virginia is obsessed with their culture and heritage would be making a great understatement, so in lue of last weekends patriotic holiday we will be visiting a lovely little town rich in American history. In fact, you could say it was in this exact spot that the United States was finally given a chance to exist independantly as a country. Can you figure it out?

Ok, it’s Yorktown… You know, that big field we learned about in grammar school, where our buddies from France helped us tell Great Britain to scram? No hate GB, we heart you now!

Anyway… Yorktown. Probably one of my favorite places in Virginia. One, because I have an addiction to coastal living, and two, because who doesn’t love a huge field to run through? But before I go on I do need to give a quick shout-out to one of the staff members at the Battlefield Visitors Center. Seemingly a volunteer, this woman brought joy to my life with a passionate explanation of what the Yorktown Battlefield has to offer. Her descriptive comparisons to Lord of The Rings made me wonder if this woman and I were BFFs in another life. Her sneaky way of getting us out of paying the general entrance fee only confirmed that we probably were.

So with a lovely start thanks to our new/possibly old friend, we began to wander…

Rows of canvas tents and fire pits… sounds pretty accurate.

We weren’t sure if we were actually allowed to go in and play.

But they did it anyway.

Had to.

It’s pretty obvious that this place likes to whip out all the stereotypically touristy stops. Traditional garb, battle reenactments, and the like. Which is cool. But not my cup of tea… Get the irony?

Anyway, what is really special about Yorktown is the location. The battle fields are up on a hill overlooking the York River. And the fields are endless carpets of tall, stiff grass and what I’m pretty sure is wheat. Or something that looks like it. Either way it’s really pretty so here’s more pictures.

Tired from the hot sun on the battlefield we decided to head down to the waterfront for some lunch. After a long hunt for a spot, we ended up parking back at the top of the hill and walked down. This part of Yorktown looks a lot like Williamsburg. Similar architecture and style, but on the water.

Trolley spotting.

I’ve never been on this boat, but just having it in my view is enough for me.

Beaches along the York River are more like little coves, rather than traditional long stretches of beach.

We ended our tiresome day on our feet at one of my favorite places in Virginia. The Yorktown Pub gets seafood by season, most of it right out of the York River. There’s really nothing better than ending a day of roaming with seafood and beer.

I’d like to end this one with a fun little lesson or afterthought, but in all honestly I’ve got nothing at the moment. This weeks trip was a simple one. I think we used it as a bit of a detox from the rest of our lives, enjoying the warm sun and good company. It’s important to take time out of your busy life to have days like this. If you don’t have a place to do so, I highly suggest Yorktown.

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One response to “Down by the River”

  1. dee says :

    more great photos…It’s been years since I’ve visited York Town, thanks for the tour!

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