About the Blogger

Gina Nicole Fontes
Writer / Photographer

A year ago I moved to Virginia after spending fifteen years living among the hustle of New York and New Jersey. With years studying television at University under my belt, I was ready to live the dream in NYC. But as most eventually learn, things did not quite go as planned and I ended up in Williamsburg, Virginia, a place that I never had any interest in visiting. Colonial just wasn’t my style.

Don’t get me wrong, I always worked to have a positive attitude about the relocation, but deep down I was itching to escape. As a culture vulture with a nomadic attitude I crave travel and discovering beauty and diversity in the world, and the colonial capitol of the country just wasn’t cutting it.

Then I got the iPhone.

Instagram (a photo sharing social network) became my entire life. Everything I set my eyes on became a photo opportunity, and naturally I began to notice the beauty in what I once had zero interest in. More than that, I began to appreciate it. When you can put yourself in this mindset, the world becomes a much brighter and inspiring place, and you begin to look forward to walking out your door each morning.

With that, I decided to prove my past-self wrong. Virginia can’t be that bad. If I can find beauty in something I once resented, I can only imagine what there is to be discovered a few steps further. So here I go. In a time where most can’t afford to wander too far from home, I am here to show you that our home has so much more to offer than we realized. You just need to give yourself the opportunity to notice.

2 responses to “About the Blogger”

  1. Culture-Fix says :

    I try to be like a tourist in my own town. It forces me to look at my surroundings with a different point of view)) Lovely blog btw

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